Below are some facts about spice you need to be aware of. Spice is one of the street names, along with K2, for what is known as synthetic cannabis. Spice is actually made up of a few things usually, being a few various types of herbs that have been sprayed with a kind of human-made chemical that we believe gives synthetic cannabis effects.

This doesn’t necessarily it is meant to be a synthetic option to marijuana, but people often compare the two. The chemicals are sprayed on plants so that gives an appearance of marijuana.

Spice is pretty popular because it is known to have harsher effects and stronger highs at lower doses than regular cannabis, but this isn’t a good thing. Natural cannabis has THC to help induce the high while spice relies on other chemicals that affect more of the body.

People believe that spice is natural therefore not harmful, but that is far from the truth. Often chemicals in spice are made illegal, so then the makers just change ingredients up. It is not natural or healthy to take spice because spice drug effects can be harmful.

This is why the drug spice is on the psychoactive drugs list.

Delusion VS Hallucination

Since there are so many different mixes for spice and no guarantee of what chemicals are in it, different doses are needed to reach a high. This means that often people are using way too much spice to get high.

There can be really harsh effects for some of the stronger spice that can cause breathing troubles, shakes, and sweats, or even panic attacks. It is also not uncommon that for some people excessive spice use can cause psychotic episodes.

Delusions or hallucinations are a possibility. Delusions are false beliefs that continue even without evidence. Hallucinations are when your senses convince you that something is real even though it is not real.

Spice Side Effects

People who use spice have reported quite a few different types of side effects. It can be different from everyone, but some side effects are quite common on the brain and body.

Some of spice side effects include:

–    Anxiety

–    Confusion

–    Hallucinations

–    Heart Attack

–    High Blood Pressure

–    Loss of Consciousness

–    Myocardial Ischemia

–    Paranoia

–    Psychotic and Violent Behavior

–    Rapid heart rate

–    Renal Failure

–    Seizures

–    Tremor

–    Vomiting

–    Death

Is Spice Addictive?

Yes, like all drugs spice can in fact cause addiction. It can cause symptoms of withdrawal if attempts to stop using are made. Withdrawal is when the body has grown dependent on a substance and thinks it needs the substance to function.

Withdrawal can cause painful and uncomfortable symptoms of sickness and is why many people have a hard time quitting drugs.

Some spice withdrawal symptoms include:

–    anxiety

–    depression

–    headaches

–    irritability

Societal Effects Of Spice Use

Since the drug spice is even cheaper than marijuana, which is already one of the less costly types of drugs, it can affect a wide range of communities. Of course, it mostly affects those who suffer from poverty or homelessness because it is so affordable.

Spice is also common to find among prisoners as well. These types of groups are far more likely to develop a dependency on a drug, which means that their body thinks that they can’t live without it.

They also usually have personalities that lean harder toward developing addiction over time along with having mental issues to go along with it. Mental issues can take a toll on a drug user and the combined effect can be quite unpleasant and addictive.