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Death Rate In The US

Below are 15 facts and statistics about drug abuse and drug-related deaths in the US.


  1. In 2017, there were 70,237 deaths from drug overdose in the US.
  1. Opioids are the number one substance involved in drug-related deaths, often with a mixture of different opiates or other drug classes.
  1. Opioids were involved in 47,600 deaths from drug overdose in 2017 in the US, which is more than half (about 68%) of total drug overdose deaths.
  1. The top five states with the most deaths from drug overdose in 2017 were West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia (the nation’s capital), and Kentucky.
  1. Nearly half the states (24 out of 50) saw a statistically significant increase in drug overdose death from 2016 to 2017, primarily on the East and West coasts.
  1. The number one opioid involved in drug overdose deaths in 2017 was Fentanyl.
  1. Drug overdoses by women in the US have increased by 260% in the past 20 years.
  1. The combination of drug overdose deaths and suicide deaths have lowered life expectancy in the US for the past two years in a row.
  1. Statistics reveal that most people who die from opioid overdose started their drug use with a prescription for legal opioids from a doctor.
  1. Inadvertent overdose is the current number cause of death in people under the age of 50.
  1. In 2016 alone, more people died from drug overdose than in the Vietnam War.
  1. Heroin overdoses have quadrupled since 2010.
  1. People from ages 25 to 44 have the highest death rates from drug overdose.
  1. Caucasians are the racial group with the highest number of drug overdose deaths, although it is increasing across every ethnic group.
  1. Fatal Fentanyl overdoses can occur in seconds or minutes.