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At “Free, Clean and Sober Society”, our mission is to provide free, useful information regarding different addictive substances. We want to educate and inform the public on dangerous drug and alcohol abuse. We hope to empower individuals and families to recognize the warning signs of alcohol and drug abuse to can seek help or treatment. Deaths due to drug overdose are on the rise, and we must do what we can to fight the disease of addiction.

We at “Free, Clean and Sober Society” believe that knowledge is power. The first step to fighting this terrible disease it to inform ourselves on what dangerous drugs are and look like, symptoms of abuse, symptoms of withdrawal, statistics about death rates from drug and alcohol abuse, and treatment options.

“Free, Clean and Sober Society” strongly encourages anyone who is suffering from addiction to seek treatment. We also advise those who suspect their loved ones may be addicts to use the information on this website to help their loved ones seek treatment.

Knowing about different drugs and their symptoms of abuse can help catch an addiction problem before it can turn deadly. Please spread the word about our site, and help those around you get informed on drug abuse. Together, we can reverse this growing epidemic of addiction and save lives.


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